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Hello Friend !!! Thank you for visiting Chef Maestro. This web site is my tribute to the simplicity and beauty of the amazing Italian and Mediterranean cuisines - probably the most popular culinary region in the world. In Chef Maestro we have included a lot of information on how to make good pizza and pasta at home. If you came to this site looking for pizza or pasta recipes, you can find here a lot of cooking ideas and good recipes. I invite you to visit, also, our other recipe site - - dedicated to French, Italian, Mediterranean and North American gourmet recipes. In FinestChef you can find a lot of pictures, because we believe that a picture is worth more than thousand words. In Chef Maestro we have tried to show that pizza and pasta are very tasty and healthy foods and can be enjoyed in many ways, but are even better when prepared at home. I can't think of anything easier and more versatile then pasta and pizza. Those are the only two food categories where I can use any and all of my favorite products. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions or want to let me know your opinion of my recipes. Your feed back is greatly appreciated.

Chef George Krumov

Savour all the amazing flavors of the Italian and Mediterranean cuisines!!!
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